Keep Your Vehicle Running Strong: Cooling System

There are plenty of moving parts in your vehicle. They all work together in order to get you where you need to go. It just so happens that the most vital moving parts in your vehicle also need help cooling off. That is right, your engine needs a little help from its friend the cooling system. This is why proper maintenance to your vehicle’s cooling system is a vital step in keeping your vehicle running strong.

Make sure to check your coolant level periodically to make sure your radiator is full and your cooling system has plenty of coolant to work properly. In addition to checking your coolant regularly, completely drain your cooling system and refill it with new coolant at least once per year. Coolant gets old, dirty and loses its effectiveness. Changing the coolant at least once per year will keep your cooling system running strong by preventing corrosion, and deposits.

Don’t leave your engine alone, make sure to take proper care of your cooling system. If you need help, just stop on by your local Jiffy Lube of Indiana for a Jiffy Lube Radiator Antifreeze/Coolant Service. Our certified technicians will drain and fill your cooling system as well as visually inspect all hoses for leaks and cracks.

Photo Credit: “lungstruck”

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