How to Keep Your Vehicle Running Strong for Years to Come

We all know that person that has had the same car for 20 years and it just keeps chugging along. Well, what’s the secret? Why do some cars seemingly last forever while others can barely make it a few years? The answer is simple: regular, preventative maintenance. There are no miracle cures, just dedication to keeping your vehicle clean and lubricated. There is no time off from maintenance.

Here’s a few tips to keep your vehicle running strong for years to come:

Oil Check and Change
Nothing will ruin your vehicle faster than neglecting the oil. Make sure to check your oil level often and change your oil and oil filter at the regular intervals suggested by your vehicle’s manual. Change your oil sooner if your oil is looking black or dirty.

Grease Up
All the moving parts in your vehicle need either grease or oil to survive. Make sure all the joints and moving parts that need grease remain lubed up and ready to go.

Jiffy Lube of Indiana is here to help your vehicle run strong. Drive in today to keep your vehicle’s oil in check and the moving parts greased up by taking advantage of our Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change. Our certified technicians will make sure the moving parts in your vehicle are properly oiled and greased. You will receive the preventative maintenance your vehicle needs to stay running strong for years to come.

Photo Credit: “keone”

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