How Oil Changes Can Increase MPG

Dirty oil does a poor job of lubricating and cleaning your engine. This inefficiency makes your engine work a little harder, which also hurts your miles per gallon. By changing your oil, you are making sure your engine is running at optimal efficiency.

Here are the main suspects that can decrease oil efficiency and decrease your gas mileage:

Oil Breakdown

Motor oil naturally breaks down over time. Heat damages the molecules in your oil, which hurts its ability to lubricate your engine. As your oil loses these properties, your engine will run hotter and less efficiently. This hurts your gas mileage.

Sludge Build-Up

As your oil breaks down, it will start to leave “sludge” deposits on the interior surfaces of your engine. This sludge can both block the flow of your oil and provide a layer between your oil and the engine wall. This can increase the heat of your engine and negatively affect your gas mileage.

Fortunately, you can correct these negative effects with proper maintenance. Make sure to change your oil on a regular basis to make sure your vehicle is running at maximum efficiency. Jiffy Lube of Indiana will also take care of you and provide the preventative maintenance your vehicle deserves.

Photo Credit: “theservicerack”

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