Do you prefer a big car or a little car?

So maybe with the price of gasoline these days this is a stupid question, but at Jiffy Lube we want to know–if the price of fuel were not an issue which would you choose, a small car or a big one?

The way we see it they both have advantages. There is something really cute about a Mini-Cooper or Smart Car. And a little Porche is hot, hot, hot! They are easy to park and great for darting in and out of traffic. And with todays safety features they can get surprisingly good safety ratings!

On the other hand, a big car can be awesome too. You get better visibility in a big SUV or truck and you always have room for all your gear and friends.

So which do you prefer? Whatever your choice let us a Jiffy Lube help you keep your ride alive with a Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change. And here is a coupon to save you a little cash and help pay for the rise in fuel costs. Sorry we can’t do anything about those!

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