Check Engine Light

Car repairs are getting more and more expensive. That is why regular preventative maintenance is more vital than ever in the quest to keep your dollars in your wallet and out of the mechanics pocket. A helpful tool in a vehicle owner’s bag of tricks is the check engine light. Equally annoying and helpful, the check engine light serves as a warning that something in your vehicle needs help. Even though tracking down the root cause of a check engine light can easily turn into a grand adventure, ignoring the check engine light can be costly.

CarMD recently listed the most common “check engine light” repairs for 2013. According to the list, the #2 cause is an easy fix that you can do in a matter of seconds.

Tighten a Loose Fuel Cap

A loose fuel cap accounts for 7.17% of all “check engine light” causes. If your check engine light ever appears, the first thing you should always do is tighten your gas cap. According to CarMD, merely tightening your gas cap will turn the check engine light back off just over 7% of the time.

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Photo Credit: “CJ Isherwood”

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