Jiffy Lube Windshield Wiper Replacement Coupon

Are your wipers leaving streaks across your windshield? If so, let Jiffy Lube help. Continue reading to find a 15% off coupon for your next Windshield Wiper Replacement service. Just pull on up to Jiffy Lube and we will do all the work for you, in just minutes!

Click HERE to find participating Jiffy Lube locations in Indiana

Worn or damaged windshield wipers can pose a serious safety hazard. When windshield wipers wear, they crack and become brittle and can ultimately prove ineffective, leaving unwanted streak marks.

Our service includes:

  • visually inspecting the windshield wipers
  • removing the old windshield wipers and
  • installing new, high quality windshield wipers.

Stop by a participating Jiffy Lube of Indiana today and have a qualified technician replace your wipers today, without hurting your budget.

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