Jiffy Lube Serpentine Belt Replacement

The serpentine belt is the key that keeps your car running. The belt transfers the power from your engine to other vital components of your car, including the alternator, water pump, power steering pump and the air conditioner compressor. Over time, the serpentine belt becomes worn, cracked and can break and fall off while you are driving. If this happens, your car will only continue to work for a few minutes before it breaks down. Make sure to have your serpentine belt checked and replaced regularly to keep your car on the road, not on the side of the road.

Jiffy Lube offers a serpentine belt replacement service that helps keep the power flowing to key systems in your car. Jiffy Lube inspects and replaces your car’s serpentine belt to your manufacturer-recommended specifications.

Our service includes:

  • visually inspecting the serpentine belt, and
  • removing the old serpentine belt and installing a new serpentine belt.

Jiffy Lube of Indiana is currently offering the following coupon for $5 off your next Serpentine Belt Replacement. Please visit jiffylubeindiana.com/locations to see which Indiana locations accept the coupon.

Photo Credit: “osunick”

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