Here’s why you should let us change your oil!

by Ryan Guina

Should you change your own oil?

I take my car in to get the oil changedd. I know how to do it and I’ve done it before. I was also an aircraft mechanic in the USAF, so I know my way around tools, and I am not afraid to get dirty.

But I don’t change my oil anymore for several reasons:
  • The savings isn’t very much – $5 at best.
  • You still need to dispose of the used oil and filter and pay the disposal fee.
  • I don’t have the specialized tools and equipment (special wrench for my car, oil pans, ramps, etc).
  • I get my tires rotated where I normally get my oil change. This is important for the tire warranty.
  • Included extras like the 22 point inspection and fluid top off. Mechanics are trained to look for abnormalities and can catch some problems before they become big (read: expensive) problems.

Benefits of changing your own oil. There are some benefits to changing your car’s oil yourself – such as saving a few dollars, knowing the job was done correctly, and the satisfaction of getting your hands dirty. But for me, those aren’t enough – not when I can take a few minutes out of my day and pay a couple extra dollars to have it done for me.

At Jiffy Lube we take special care to do the job right for you. Here are a couple of coupons to help you with the job, one for an oil change, and another for our tire rotation service.

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