Coupon for Jiffy Lube Tire Rotation Service

Do you need to rotate your tires? Click “read more” to find a coupon for $5 off your next tire rotation service at Jiffy Lube. We have also included a reminder as to why rotating your tires is important to maximize the life of your tires.

Tire rotation helps protect tires against uneven wear by moving the tire location on the vehicle. Most tires will exhibit some form of wear based on numerous factors including: wheel alignment, miles driven, driving style and habits, and tire location on the vehicle. By moving or “rotating” the tires as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers, tires may wear more evenly; helping extend the life of the tires.

Our service includes:

  • checking tire pressure,
  • inspecting tires to identify visible damage or abnormal wear patterns,
  • rotating tires according to the pattern recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, and
  • installing lug nuts/bolts to the proper torque specifications.

Stop by your local Jiffy Lube of Indiana today and have a qualified Jiffy Lube technician maximize the life of your tires.

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