• 20% Off Headlight Cleaning!

      Don’t drive around with cloudy headlights! There’s still time to get 20% off headlight cleaning on both lights (through August 31, 2017)! Cloudy or yellowed headlights can be expensive to replace and can reduce your nighttime visibility by an estimated 50%. It used to be that in order to fix lights that had deteriorated

  • Is Parallel Parking a Lost Art?

    If you believe everything you read, we’ll all be riding in driverless cars soon and knowing how to parallel park will become obsolete. However, unless you have stacks of cash sitting around right now, your teenager probably still needs to put in the time to actually practice and learn how to parallel park. Many of

  • 6 Amazing Indiana Road Trips

    Explore your state and take a weekend road trip. No matter your interests – historic, athletic, family-friendly, etc. – there are plenty of worthwhile destinations right here in Indiana. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Become a Preferred Guest

    Want to be the first to know about our best discounts, special deals, and perks like concert tickets? Become a “Preferred Guest” by signing up for our newsletter! Throughout the year, we sponsor many community outreach activities such as concerts at Klipsch Music Center, Children’s Museum events, and community mural painting days. We always share

  • How to Prepare Your Car for Spring

      Despite the groundhog seeing his shadow, it looks like spring may be coming early for us in Indiana. However, even the relatively low amount of ice, salt, and slush that we experienced can harm your vehicle. Spring’s a time to repair the damage winter did and get caught up on any delayed maintenance.

  • 5 Long Distance Driving Tips

    We’re always up for a road trip! Since even road trip veterans can benefit from a refresher course on long distance driving, we pulled together a few of our favorite tips.

  • 7 Signs You Need A New Serpentine Belt

    The serpentine belt is a single, continuous belt that drives multiple devices in your engine, such as the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor. If your serpentine belt breaks, all of these systems will shut down and your vehicle will overheat.

  • Employee Highlight – Store Manager, Leticia Alverez

      After getting injured at a previous job, Leticia spent two years recovering. Being unable to work for so long had Leticia pretty down emotionally, not to mention financially. When she started at Jiffy Lube of Indiana’s Valparaiso store, she threw everything into the job and got promoted to Manager within a relatively short period

  • Register and Save for the 3rd Annual Black Hat Dash – October 29, 2016!

    One of the best things about fall in Indy is the frightfully, popular Children’s Museum Guild’s Haunted House! Now in it’s third year, the Children’s Museum’s Halloween festivities also include the annual Black Hat Dash— a 1 mile/5K Family Fun Run and Walk. We’re excited to be a sponsor of the run and will be

  • Employee Spotlight: Rick Bartlett

    Spend a few minutes talking to Rick Bartlett and it’s immediately obvious where his passions are—automobiles and his family. With 30 years experience, Rick is no stranger to the world of vehicles. His first job in the industry was with the United States Army as a front line mechanic, serving nine months in Desert Storm/Desert

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