• 5 Indiana Road Trips to Water Activities!

    Once summer is in full swing, there’s not much that can stop us from hopping in our cars and exploring all that the great state of Indiana has to offer! And nothing says summer more than water activities. Here are a few of our favorite must-see destinations located right here in our home state. 1.

  • Avoid a Summer Road Trip Breakdown

    Summer is almost here and so is road trip season. No matter what your plans are this summer, no one wants to breakdown in the heat in a place far away from home. Follow these steps before any extended driving this summer in order to keep your vehicle on the road.

  • Summer Car Care: Clean Your Battery

    Summer weather likes to wreak havoc on all the parts under your hood. One part that often gets neglected, but takes just as much summer punishment, is your battery. Hot weather is tougher on your battery than cold weather. Therefore, next up on our Summer Car Care Series list: clean your battery.

  • Summer Car Care: Brakes

    Summer is quickly coming to an end. After a full summer of fun and adventure, it is time to double check the single most important feature on your vehicle for your safety. Next on our Summer Car Care Series list: check your brakes.

  • Summer Car Care: Oil and Oil Filter

    Summer keeps on chugging along and so does our Summer Car Care Series. In addition to the wear and tear from the summer heat, the miles on your vehicle’s odometer can really pile up during the summer. It is vital to keep your vehicle oiled and lubricated with quality oil to keep your engine running

  • Summer Car Care: Coolant and Radiator

    Summer weather is hot, but your vehicle still gets even hotter. The amount of heat produced under your hood during the summer is enough to fry an egg! Therefore, it is paramount to check your cooling system to make sure your vehicle can keep pushing through the hot summer without stopping. Next up on our

  • Summer Car Care: Tires

    As the summer rolls on, so should your vehicle. Don’t let the summer heat get your vehicle’s tires down. Under inflated, over inflated, worn out, or misaligned tires can pose a huge danger, especially in the summer months. Here are a few tips on how to beat the heat and protect your tires.

  • Summer Car Care: Wiper Blades

    Summer heat is rough on everything. From us, to our pets, and even to our vehicles. One item on your vehicle that is often forgotten during the summer is your wiper blades. Therefore, next up on our summer car care series list: wiper blades.

  • Summer Car Care: A/C Service

    Summer weather adds extra stress and strain to your vehicle. The Jiffy Lube of Indiana blog has been highlighting summer car care tips to help get you through the vigors of summer. Next up on our list: keep your A/C running cool.

  • Summer Car Care: Air Filter

    The summer heat mixed with added driving is a recipe for extra strain on your vehicle. The Jiffy Lube of Indiana blog has been highlighting summer car care tips to help you battle this extra stress on your vehicle. Next up on our list: check your air filter to make sure your vehicle can breathe this summer.

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