• 5 Reasons to Get a Free Winter Safety Check

    Slick roads. Frigid temps. Ice-covered windshields. All these winter conditions tend to make existing vehicle problems even worse. Even those minor auto issues that seem to be just a nuisance in warmer months, can turn life-threaten in harsher weather.

  • Time to Replace Your Cabin Air Filters?

    Not all vehicles have Cabin Air Filters, but if your vehicle was manufactured after 1980, there’s a good chance that it does! These filters help remove small particles from your air such as pollen, dust, and mold spores. So how do you know if it’s time to replace your Cabin Air Filter? Check to see

  • 20% Off Headlight Cleaning!

      Don’t drive around with cloudy headlights! There’s still time to get 20% off headlight cleaning on both lights (through August 31, 2017)! Cloudy or yellowed headlights can be expensive to replace and can reduce your nighttime visibility by an estimated 50%. It used to be that in order to fix lights that had deteriorated

  • Are Your Headlights Cloudy Or Yellowed?

      When vehicle headlights are made, the manufacturer applies a coating over the polycarbonate plastic lenses to protect them. This coating is very effective in protecting the headlight. However, after years of assault from dirt, ultraviolet rays, road debris, and acid rain, the original coating wears down. When this happens, the polycarbonate plastic is exposed

  • Can You Inflate Your Own Tires?

    Poorly inflated tires reduce your fuel economy and cause premature wear. In fact, tires can lose up to 1 psi (pound per square inch) every month. Ideally, you should check all your tires, including your spare, once a month. Be sure to check them before any long road trips.

  • Time to Recharge Your AC!

    If you’ve lived in Indiana for any amount of time, you know that our summers can get H-O-T. But a little cool breeze from your air conditioning can make a big difference. Regular preventive maintenance keeps your vehicle’s air conditioning system operating at its peak. That way, you won’t have to worry if your AC

  • What is a Gearbox and What are its Maintenance Needs?

    Our February 2017 special promotion for Jiffy Lube of Indiana guests – Gearbox: Buy Two Services and Get One Free! And $7.50 off of a Signature Service Oil Change! SMFEB7 | SMBGFREE WHAT IS A GEARBOX AND WHAT ARE ITS MAINTENANCE NEEDS? Your gearbox consists of three components, all of which need fluid replacement at different intervals.

  • Filters – They Don’t Get the Credit they Deserve!

    It never ceases to surprise us the number of people that don’t think it’s important to change your filters! Three types of filters work extra hard every time you drive your car or truck, yet they often get neglected and cause bigger problems down the road.

  • Real Questions about Jiffy Lube: Answered

    Most FAQs articles are thinly veiled advertising fodder. But Jiffy Lube of Indiana isn’t your typical oil change shop, so this isn’t a typical FAQs post. We took some of the REAL reasons people give for not wanting to visit Jiffy Lube and posed them to Steve Sanner (Owner, Jiffy Lube of Indiana) and Lonnie

  • It’s Time to Recharge Your AC

    Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is designed to turn a hot Indiana afternoon into a cool, comfortable ride. Whether you’re dealing with downtown traffic in Indianapolis or a scenic country road in Northern Indiana, you shouldn’t have to worry if your AC will keep up! Jiffy Lube of Indiana offers air conditioning and AC recharge

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